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Product Liability and Catastrophic Injury Litigation

Product Liability and Catastrophic Injury Litigation


Our attorneys have broad experience in defending manufacturers and companies throughout the region and nation — both as trial counsel and as coordinating counsel — in complex product liability and catastrophic injury cases.  We have significant experience in multi-district litigation as well.

We have tried and managed cases in the following areas:

Automotive and Motor Vehicle Products
Defending cases, in state and federal courts, involving claims for injuries or property damage arising from allegedly defective motor vehicles, and cases for manufacturers of ancillary products used in the motor vehicle industry, including tires, cruise control devices, and other components.

Chemical and Agricultural Products
Representing clients involved in allegations of personal injury or property damage arising from a variety of chemicals or agricultural products.

Industrial Equipment
Representing manufacturers in cases such as a claim for injuries arising from the use of conveyor systems and airlocks, or from the allegedly negligent maintenance and installation of an elevator, to name a few.

Medical Devices
Defending claims related to medical services including Pap smears, laboratory testing, and blood transfusions; and products such as heart valves, heart ports, pacemakers, breast implants, orthopedic bone screws, hip implants and IUDs.  Our attorneys have served as lead trial counsel and regional coordinating counsel.

Prescription Drugs and Over-the-Counter Products
Representing pharmaceutical companies in cases involving prescription and non-prescription drugs and over-the-counter products, including:

  • L-tryptophan
  • phentermine
  • birth control pills
  • Prozac, Keflex, Humulin, Oraflex, Accutane, Tylenol, Zomax, Felbatol (anti-seizure medication), Oxycontin and Fen/Phen, among others.

Smith Moore Leatherwood attorneys also regularly handle and try catastrophic personal injury cases.  Like product cases, these matters usually involve extensive expert testimony, scientific and technical issues and sophisticated trial presentations.

*This page is for informational purposes only. Past success does not indicate the likelihood of success in any future legal representation.



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